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Dark shadow of future

The time ahead starting from June 2020 to December 2021 predicts a difficult period for everyone all over the world.


As the year 2020 has ended, the anxiety, fear and questions for the year 2021 have started engulfing our minds.


According to Anilkumar Babubhai Chhayashastri, this year sankranti will be celebrated on 14th January 2021.
"Your shadow can predict your whole life" based on the principle that the sun's energies affect our existence.On the basis of this theory we can measure the shadow of person and can then near accurately predict a person's future.

For the last thirteen generations, the Chhayashastri family in Mumbai has mastered this traditional art of shadow reading, where this knowledge is preached and passed over from one generation to another. Anilkumar Babubhai Acharya (Chhayashastri) is the twelfth generation practicing this form of fortune telling, being followed by his sons Pratik Anilkumar Acharya (Chhayashastri) and Chintan Anilkumar Acharya (Chhayashastri), the thirteenth generation.

The elder generation initiates the process of imparting this knowledge to the younger generation from an early age of 3 years. After 15 to 20 years of continuous education, puja and practice under the guidance of the elders, the Shastra is mastered. ...

The study and evaluation of "Dreams", commonly known as "Dream Reading" has existed in the Hindu religion since ancient times. The Chhayashastri family can study your dreams and tell one what the dream meant to guide you through life.
Spiritual Healing heals a person not only at the physical level but focuses the spiritual growth of an individual.

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